Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need a SchoolMessenger app account?

A: SchoolMessenger app account is not required to use the toll-free phone line to report absences. However, we strongly recommend that you provide your email address to the school and set up your SchoolMessenger app account. This allows you to review and update absences, review your contact information, communication preferences and more. Please see related SchoolMessenger app documentation for setting up your account.

Q: How do I make changes to my SchoolMessenger - SafeArrival PIN settings?

A. Using the SchoolMessenger app or website, select the Manage your PIN settings link at the bottom of the Attendance page.

On the SafeArrival PIN Settings screen, choose the student enrolled (all enrolled students will appear).  Select the checkbox to 'Request that a PIN be required for when

reporting and explaining absences for this student by phone.'

A 4-digit PIN can then be entered.  Tap the “eye” icon to see the PIN.  Tap the PIN to modify.  Click Save to save any changes.

Q: Can I turn off one of the SchoolMessenger methods so I don’t receive multiple communications for the same absence?

A: Yes, please refer to the preferences in the SchoolMessenger app.  Instructions can be found on the SchoolMessenger Parent portal.

Q:  What if the student is going to be late?

A:  Please use the late feature with Safe Arrival and indicate the anticipated time you expect your child to arrive at the school. The school office will record the actual arrival time on your child’s attendance record.

Please note the late feature is only available for secondary parents. Elementary students who are late must report to the office, so their attendance can be adjusted upon their arrival.  

Q: What if I am unable to use the SchoolMessenger method immediately upon receiving a communication?

A:  We are hopeful that by giving you options to receive notifications, that your preference will allow for an easier response from you that will be more timely.

Q:  What if a student doesn’t have a period 1 class, will I receive an attendance message?

A:  No, a student is only marked absent for the class periods that are in their schedule.

Q:  How will I know what period the student is absent for?

A:  If you receive a call notifying you of your child’s absence the call will only reference morning or afternoon periods. Please refer to the Safe Arrival app or notification email from ‘SchoolMessenger’ to identify the specific period(s) your child was marked absent.

Q:  If we are going on a vacation, can I communicate the days in advance, and for multiple days?

A:  Yes, select ‘multiple day’ when creating the absence in SchoolMessenger, and you will be prompted to enter multiple dates.

Q: What types of absences can I manage with SchoolMessenger?

A: Full-Day Absence and future day absences (maximum of 5 days). Please circle in with the school if your child will be away for longer than 5 days.  

Q: Can I clear a previous day’s absence using SchoolMessenger? 

A: Unfortunately, only current day or future day absences can be reported using the SchoolMessenger app or website, or phone.

Q: I would like to provide some specific details about the nature of my child’s absence can I do that using SchoolMessenger? 

A: Yes, a comment box is available within the app or on the SchoolMessenger portal, to provide any additional details required. 

Q: Plans changed, and my child went to school. How do I delete the reported absence? 

A: You can delete a reported absence up to the 11:00 p.m.  After 11 p.m., the absence cannot be deleted. If the child is at school, the reported absence is ignored. The final student attendance record is in the Student Information System.

Q: How do I report a half-day absence?

A: If your child will not be present for the entire day, please use the late or early departure features to record the anticipated time of arrival or departure. When recording an early departure please allow a minimum of at least 30 minutes for the school office to process the departure and notify the classroom teacher to dismiss your child.   

Please note the late and early departure features are not available for elementary school students. Please call the school if your child will be leaving the school early. 

Q: The reason my student is absent is not listed in the choices. 

A: If you don’t see the reason your student is absent in the choices, please use Parent Confirmed and add a note in the comment field. 

Q: What if the system says my email is not associated with a student?

A: Please contact your school office. They can ensure that the information for your child is correct.